2019 – Most Anticipated Reads

2019 – Most Anticipated Reads

february wrap-up (1)

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all day a fab week and a good/positive start to the new year! Today I shall be posting some of my most anticipated reads of 2019. There are so so many good books being released this year and trying to pick a few was extremely hard. Depending on how things go I might end up doing a most anticipated reads of Summer post and then Winter post later in the year.

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January TBR

January TBR

january tbr

Hey guys, so we’re officially at the end of the first week of January 2019. I’m so late in posting my TBR for this month but here were are now that I finally have some sort of reading options in order. For the first part of January I decided to take some books out of the library so for now those are the books I’ll be reading! These books are;

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March TBR

March TBR


Hey guys! So after giving myself a week to decide on what books I’m going to read this month I’ve settled on re-reading a series since the new book has just been released! As well as this I have two books I was asked to review two months ago and one from Netgalley so I’ll be reading them too and then that will be the end of my review request books.

The books I’m planning on reading this month are:

  • The Infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare
  • The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare
  • The Show – John A Heldt
  • Burning Bright – Chanda Stafford
  • The Dead House – Dawn Kurtagich
  • Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare
  • Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare

So obviously there’s a lot of books there and I know there’s no chance I’ll read them all so this will probably go on until April too but we’ll see when we come to the recap at the end of the month!

I’ve also just finished reading ‘Not If I See You First’  and oh my god. I can’t remember the last time I was this invested in a character! Parker was just so loveable and it had just about everything you could want in a book in it! I don’t know if I’ll review it yet as I only have the uncorrected proof and I also want to read the finished copy so I’ll have a think about that.

What are you guys planning on reading this month? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your post!

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February TBR

February TBR

Good afternoon guys! Throughout January I won a couple of book giveaways and so February will be a month dedicated to reading them because I just can’t wait any longer. I plan on reading a total of 6 books! Hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

February TBR

The books I’m planning on reading are:

  • Seed – Lisa Heathfield (this is for UKYA In The Rain)
  • One – Sarah Crossan
  • Not If I See You First – Eric Lindstrom
  • This Raging Light – Estelle Laure
  • Fallout (Lois Lane #1) – Gwenda Bond
  • The Dead House – Dawn Kurtagich

All of these books apart from ‘Seed’ and ‘The Dead House’ I won from Maximum Pop Books and I won ‘One’ from Sarah Crossan herself. I’m so excited to read them all and review them too!

Right now I’m just finishing off ‘Even Angels Fall’ by F.L Darbyshire which I received to review. I’m so late in posting the review of it but I have just under 100 pages left so it should be up in the next few days!

What are you guys planning on reading this month?

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Top Ten Tuesday: Recently Added To My TBR

Top Ten Tuesday: Recently Added To My TBR


Hey guys! I’m extremely late in posting this as I didn’t realise I was going to be out all day.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and Bookish.

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR

I’ve added so many books to my TBR recently and it’s an absolute nightmare because WHEN AM I GOING TO FIND THE TIME TO READ EVERYTHING I WANT TO???? I’m just going to put the first ten book from my ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads!



Goodreads tbr

  1. Even Angel’s Fall – F.L. Darbyshire
  2. Exposure – Helen Dunmore
  3. Fallout (Lois Lane #1) – Gwenda Bond
  4. The Sin Eater’s Daughter – Melinda Salisbury
  5. The Version Of Us – Laura Barnett
  6. Suicide Watch – Kelley York
  7. The Evolution Of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin
  8. Falling Into Place – Amy Zhang
  9. Seed – Lisa Heathfield
  10. Panther – David Owen











What books have you guys recently added to your TBR? Let me know in the comments below or if you’ve posted it on your own blog send me a link so I can check it out!! 



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December TBR

December TBR



Hey guys! It’s finally that time of year again and I’m super excited! I adore this time of year because it’s just such a lovely time to reunite with all your family and spend time with each other. Unfortunately, this year I’m unable to spend much time with my family as I’m working right up until the 15th and then go back to work from the 18th right up until Christmas Day which makes me realise how horrible it is having to grow up and miss out on things. This also means I have less reading time as I’d like but I’m being ambitious and aiming to read 8 books as they’re all books I have to review and it’s pretty much the same books as last month as I didn’t do very well in November either.

I have just finished reading ‘Fooling Around With Cinderella‘ and the review and book blitz for that will be posted on Monday so keep an eye out for that!

My TBR list for December:

  • The Improbable Wonders Of Moojie Littleman – Robin Gregory
  • Black Creek – Gregory Lamberson 
  • The Mine – John A. Heldt 
  • Even Angels Fall – F L Darbyshire 
  • Down The Wormhole – Ana Franco 
  • Imminent Danger & How To Fly Straight Into It – Michelle Proulx
  • The Next Together – Lauren James

I’m hoping that I manage to get through at least half of these books this month so I can read a few of the books I’ve bought in the new year before getting back into reviewing again!

What are you guys planning on reading this month? Let me know in the comments below! 

I wish you all a lovely holiday season and hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones!

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November TBR

November TBR

Happy Monday guys! I can’t believe we’re in November already! This year has flew in. I’m so happy to have this week off after working really long hours at the World Championship Gymnastics last week so I’ll have slightly more time to read. Although I’m not working this week, I have a very busy schedule as my work’s first birthday night out is tomorrow and then from Wednesday until Saturday I’ll be seeing Twenty One Pilots and The Red Paintings twice both in Glasgow and Manchester so I’m really looking forward to that!

Reading wise, this month I was planning on going to the library and getting books out to read but I have about 8 books that I’ve received waiting to be read and reviewed so that is what the month of November will be focused on for me.

Just now I am currently reading Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ll be posting a review of it in the next few days so keep an eye out for that!

Here is my tbr for November:

  • The Other Son – Alexander Soderberg
  • Imposter – Chanda Stafford
  • Black Creek – Gregory Lamberson
  • The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman – Robin Gregory
  • The Mine – John A Heldt
  • Demon Road – Derek Landy
  • Chained – Susanne Valenti

So, there we have it, my November tbr!

What are you guys planning on reading this month?

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