Review: Monsters Of Men – Patrick Ness

Review: Monsters Of Men – Patrick Ness

8100904Title: Monsters Of Men (Chaos Walking #3)

Author: Patrick Ness

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi

Format: Paperback

Themes dealt with: War, Terrorism

Rating: 3/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

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Okay let me just start by saying that this book should’ve been called The Book Of Death because it’s just full of it! If you’ve read my reviews of ‘The Knife Of Never Letting Go’ and ‘The Ask And The Answer’ then you’ll know I absolutely adore this series and with the way the second one ended I just couldn’t wait to pick up book three. When you first start the book, you’re thrown right into the action as the war begins between Mayor Prentiss, Mistress Coyle and The Spackle and this gave me so much hope for another fantastic book.

Unlike the first two books in the series, ‘Monster’s Of Men’ doesn’t exactly contain chapters. It’s more or less split into parts so for example, the first part is called “It Begins” which is told from both Todd and Viola’s POV. Seventy-seven pages later we’re introduced to a third person and then each part splits. This for me is when things started to go slightly downhill. I was left feeling confused over the strange language the third person spoke in and the way they described things. Each time ‘the land’, ‘the sky’, ‘the clearing’, etc were mentioned, I was getting more and more confused.

Ness’ ability to make you have so many mixed feelings towards certain characters is unlike anything I’ve ever read and it’s one of the reasons I love his writing. Let’s take Mayor Prentiss for example. In the first book I didn’t really care much for him, coming to the second book I despised him and then the more I read this book I was confused about how to feel. Could he have changed? Was he truthful to Todd and did he really care? I was scared to like him because I didn’t know if I could trust him or not but he continued to change his ways throughout the book leaving you with a lot of hope for him. Mistress Coyle was another character I wasn’t sure about. She didn’t really seem to care about what she put Viola through, just as long as she was winning. Both these characters made me sort of think about war and I can’t seem to stop thinking that, war happens because leaders can’t seem to agree over something but rather than sit down and discuss it, they get their people to fight their battles for them (and die in the process) whilst they sit and watch it going on rather than deal with it like mature adults.

Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed with this book. I was so disappointed by it and I expected something better than what I got. My main problem was the whole ‘third person’ part because when reading the majority of Todd and Viola’s parts, I was really enjoying it! But any time I seen the third person appear then I just wanted to finish their part asap because it bored me. The biggest thing I loved about this series was that with each book you can see just how much Todd and Viola have grown and how mature they’ve became and it’s one of the reasons I do love this series because I haven’t seen much of that in a series of books.

Although I didn’t enjoy this book I do highly recommend this series as it’s unlike any YA fantasy I’ve read before and Ness’ work is starting to become some of my favourites. Like the other books, this book is no different when it comes to the heartbreaking scenes so watch out for them!


If you have read or are planning to read these books please do let me know your thoughts!!

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