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Title: Girls Of Paper And Fire

Author: Natasha Ngan

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, LGBT

Format: Hardback

Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

Buy Book: Amazon

Review: First off, I just want to thank Fairyloot for including this in the October box because if they hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have even thought about reading this and I also wouldn’t have received such a stunning copy either!

In ‘Girls Of Paper And Fire’, each year, eight (8) girls are chosed to become essentially concubines to the Demon King and whilst there they must attend to his needs. However, this year there are nine (9).

Our main character Lei is a member of the paper caste (fully human), the lowest class in the Kingdom next to Steel Case (part human, part demon) and then the highest class; Moon Caste (fully demon). After being taken away from her family, Lei is taken away to The Hidden Palace where she along with the eight other girls are put through vigorous training to become the King’s consort however, Lei doesn’t do anything without putting up a fight and she does the one thing she shouldn’t do – she falls in love. Whilst trying to hide her forbidden romance from everyone else, a huge plot threatens the whole kingdom and everyone knows it. Lei must decide how far she will go for justice and revenge.

The first thing I loved about this book was the numerous trigger warnings that the author places at the beginning of the book because this novel is quite hard hitting and heavy at times. Natasha Ngan deals with some seriously hard topics in this novel and it makes me so happy that she has taken the time to warn readers about it before they go into it as it can be extremely triggering for some people.

Not going to lie, at the beginning of the book I was slightly disappointed because it took me a while to actually get into it and I feel there were parts I probably missed because I wasn’t completely pulled in to the story however within the first couple of chapters I was hooked! Natasha Ngan does such an incredible job with her world building and she writes so vividly that it’s so easy to picture everything in your head. The book itself is a mix of being fast-paced but then also being slow-paced at parts which for me helped the book be more of a success as there’s definitely some moments/events in the book that you do need time to process as it’s happening!

The character building and relationships in this novel are honestly amazing. In regards to the main character, Lei, although we already know she is a very strong minded character, to see her grow throughout the story is great and there were times I honestly thought we would watch her break but every single time she came back fighting even stronger. Wren is another character I adored and I honestly need more of her in my life. The relationship between Lei and Wren was one I really enjoyed reading about and I loved watching them grow together and becoming these fierce characters that I wish to be in life.

As for the minor characters, I feel like there could’ve been more for them. I get that not everyone wants to find out about minor characters but Natasha Ngan made the characters so intriguing that I’d love to just know a bit more about their background etc as they really are all so interesting! I absolutely adored most of the characters in this book which is a first for me. In regards to the villian(s) in the book I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where I’ve detested them so much (apart from Umbridge in Harry Potter because she’s a complete bitch) and I wanted them so badly to die slow, painful and extremely drawn out tortured deaths they were that awful!

Natasha Ngan is definitely now up there with my favourite authors. She has such an incredible talent for story writing and in this novel she manages to make you feel every single emotion possible. I honestly can’t recommend this book enough, the writing, the character, the story, it’s all just so gripping and interesting that it’ll make you need/want more! I really can’t wait for the sequel now, I need to know what is going to happen after the ending.

I just want to add a note to the bottom of this review as I’ve seen so many people questioning whether or not they should read the book due to the warnings for sexual abuse in the novel. In regards to this, I can’t personally comment on how other people are going to feel, especially victims of sexual abuse however for me I feel like Natasha handled the situation in such a sensitive way. There is nothing graphic in it but it does deal with how the girls feel after the act has been done and focuses more on their mentality and the support offered from the other girls. Natasha Ngan has bravely spoken out about being a sexual abuse survivor herself so from personal experience I guess it’s helped her write it in such a delicate manner.

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WWW Wednesday – 14th November 2018

WWW Wednesday – 14th November 2018

Hey guys! I feel like all my posts have been starting the same way the last few times however, starting from today each Wednesday I will be taking part in the WWW Wednesday meme. That way at least I know there will be weekly content being posted and I’m also going to try getting back into reviewing again too.

So, to get started; WWW Wednesday is a meme led by Sam over at Taking On A World Of Words. All you have to do to take part is answer three (3) questions!

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?




At the moment I’m currently reading The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp. The Girl In Between follows Bryn, a teenage girl who suffers from Klein-Levin Syndrome (KLS) which means that she suffers episodes of prolonged sleep that can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. Whilst in these states of sleep, Bryn lives in an alternate reality where she lives her past until one day a mysterious boy shows up. You can find the full synopsis here.

I’m not 100% sure on how I feel about it yet. I mean I’m halfway through it already but that’s just because I need to find out if Bryn finds out who the boy is and to also find out why he has suddenly appeared (I highly doubt it because there’s 4 books in the series). I’m not fully engrossed in it as much as I want to be and I am struggling to pick it back up again once I’ve put it down but like I just said, I need to know what is going to happen so I’m going to keep going and see how this one ends before deciding if I want to read the rest of the books or not.

I’m also listening to Tess Of The D’Urberville’s on audiobook. This book has been one of my favourite books for about 6 years now and I just absolutely adore it after studying it at school. Tess Of The D’Urbervilles is such a heartbreaking story and I wouldn’t even be able to write a short synopsis without spoiling anything so to see what the book is about then you can go here. This book is one I can read over and over again and no matter how many times I read it, I still feel the same amount of anger, sadness and heartbreak for everything that Tess is put through. I highly recommend this book to everyone!


I’ve just recently finished reading the first two books in the Arc Of A Scythe Series and I am completely obsessed! Scythe starts us off by introducing Citra and Rowan to us, two teens who live in a world where death by natural causes has been completely eradicated and you can now only die at the hands of a Scythe. Citra and Rowan are chosen by Scythe Faraday as apprentices and so begins their journey on learning the art of killing as well as understanding why Scythes have to do what they do. Only one of the characters can become a scythe and they both then find out that whoever wins the ring must glean the other.
Thunderhead pretty much starts off where Scythe finished. Again we follow Citra, Rowan and a few more familiar Scythes as conflict within the Scythedom is growing day by day. With one of their lives in danger, it all becomes clear that there is a master plan in the works to ruin everything as it is. As the Thunderhead observes what is going on, will it decide to intervene and help save what is wrong? Or will it standby and watch the world fall apart?

I absolutely adored these two book and I’m so excited for book 3 to be announced. With the way Thunderhead ended, I don’t think I can wait too long because the ending was HUGE!! The plot was just so different to a lot of YA Sci-Fi I’ve read recently and it was just really interesting to see Shusterman’s take on the future. I found the characters to be extremely strong and there was a lot of character development too which was great. I loved the range of characters included in the story. There was the few I loved and then the few that I despised and wanted to see the end of.

If you’re into Sci-Fi/YA, then I highly recommend this series to you!


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In October’s Fairyloot box, we received a gorgeous edition of Girls Of Paper And Fire  by Natasha Ngan and for the first time ever they’re doing a read-along of it tomorrow so I’m looking forward to starting that and experiencing it along with everyone else! I’ve heard so many good things about this book and it’s made me even more excited to start reading it too!

Other than that, I haven’t really planned what else I’m going to read. I’ll need to wait until I’ve unpacked all my books after moving and go from there. There’s so many Fairyloot books I haven’t read yet so I might even make a start on them and I’m also hoping to plan my TBR for Book Roasts Magical Readathon that is happening in December! If you want more information on how you can take part in that too then head over to her YouTube channel or just click here and it’ll take you straight to her announcement video!

If you guys have done a WWW Wednesday post then please link it below so I can check it out and I’ll see you all again soon.

Be fab and have a good week ahead!

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