March Wrap-Up

March Wrap-Up

January Wrap-Up (1)

Hey everyone! How are you all this fine Tuesday? I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today I’m back with another monthly wrap-up! March was definitely much better than February in regards to blogging etc so I’m happy with that.

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October Wrap-Up

October Wrap-Up



I love this time of year because all the leaves are pretty colours, the weather is cozy weather and it’s now the lead up to Christmas! Every year on Halloween I normally sit in and spend the night watching movies (normally Hocus Pocus because it’s a perfect Halloween movie) but tonight I’m working and I also need to dress up but I still don’t have a costume 😦

This month has been another slow one as I’ve been working constantly at the World Championship Gymnastics so I’ve not had much time to read with the hours I’ve been doing.

The books I’ve read this month

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23486013  Am I Normal Yet?

Twilight Saga

This is a series I was obsessed with when I was around 13/14 and even though I’ve still to re-read Breaking Dawn I honestly have no idea why I loved it so much. It’s only now that I’ve realised how problematic it is. Edward is controlling and way too overprotective, Bella is extremely whiny and just seems desperate all the time and the majority of the time would lead Jacob on even though she knew what she was doing Jacob could be pretty forceful and put Bella into awkward situations.

Sweet Tea

I loved this book! I’ve just finished it and posted my review which you can check out here.

Am I Normal Yet?

I’ve just recently started reading this as part of the UKYA Book Club that I joined and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m hoping to post a review of it once I’ve finished it so keep an eye out for that!

If you want more information about the book club then head here!

What have you guys been reading this month? Anything you can recommend to me? Also, I want to know about any horror novels you enjoy!! Let me know in the comments below! 

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August Wrap-Up

August Wrap-Up

This month was another slow month because I couldn’t get into some of the books I read so I took longer to read them. The books I read were:

Palo Alto – James Franco

I enjoyed some of this book and hated other parts of it. The characters were pretty annoying and I just couldn’t get into them whilst reading it. I watched the movie afterwards and loved it! So I’d recommend the film but not the book.

Tape – Steven Camden

This book bored me but I had to keep reading to find out what was happening. Let me just say this, the book is so predictable. I called it a few chapters into the book so it was pretty pointless me reading on.

Geek Girl – Holly Smale

I LOVED this book. The characters were extremely likeable and the storyline was great. As soon as I get more money then I’m definitely going to buy the other books in the series because I need to know more about the characters and what happens with Harriet’s modelling career.

A Kiss In The Dark – Cat Clarke

I quite liked this book. Clarke wasted no time at all in letting us know what the secret was and I loved that about it because it didn’t keep us guessing throughout the whole book. The characters were loveable but after everything Katie did I started to dislike her and I couldn’t start liking her again even towards the end. It’s a brilliant read and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Are You Still There? – Sarah Lynn Scheerger

I’m going to do a full review of this book so that will either be posted later tonight or tomorrow!

Dark Inside – Jeyn Roberts

I finished this book last night and I’m obsessed! I need to buy the second book asap because I’m desperate to know what’s next for these characters. I came across this book in the WHSmith clearance section a few weeks ago and it only cost £1.50 and at the time I was reading “The 5th Wave” and it reminded me so much of that so I decided to buy it. I’m so glad I did! Although it reminded me of “The 5th Wave” it is pretty different but just as good! I think I might post a review of this book as well because I just loved it so much and I want other people to see how good it actually is!

I’ve already picked the books I’m reading this month and they’re all re-reads so I’m excited to read them all again.

Have any of you guys read any of these books? What did you think of them?

July Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up

This post is a bit late but I haven’t had a chance to post anything since I got back. I was surprised by how much I read whilst on holiday because I was out with my family most of it. Although I read more than I thought I would on holiday I only managed to read a total of 8 books in July. These were:

The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey

Synopsis/Buy Book: Book Depository

I absolutely loved this book and I did a review on it which you can check out here!

The Infinite Sea – Rick Yancey

Synopsis/Buy Book: Book Depository

Again this book was incredible! I fell even more in love with the characters and the story continued to get more exciting!

Soulmates Series – Nicole Dykes

Synopsis: Goodreads

I’ve posted reviews on these books on my blog so please do check them out! The last review for the final book should hopefully be up tomorrow.

First – Chanda Stafford

Synopsis/Buy Book: Book Depository

This book pleasantly surprised me. The storyline was unique and enjoyable and the characters were easy to like. I’ll be posting a full review of this book in the next few days!

The Good, The Bad And The Dumped – Jenny Colgan

Synopsis/Buy Book: Book Depository

This novel originally wasn’t on my TBR list but I found it in the apartment I was staying in and it wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t amazing either. I gave it a 3.5 star rating. Parts of it were cute and the rest was just whiny and annoying but it was an alright read.

I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

Synopsis/Buy Book: Book Depository

I fell in love with this book. The storyline, the characters just everything blew me away. I felt so many emotions whilst reading this novel but most of the time my heart hurt for both the main characters. I think I’m going to do a review of this novel too because I have more I want to say about it so watch this space!

These are all the books I read in July. There was one book on my TBR list that I never managed to read as for some reason it didn’t go onto my ipad before I went on holiday so it’s first in my August TBR! I haven’t fully decided on what books I’m going to read this month but after I’ve looked at the books I’ve been thinking about I’ll post the list in a few hours!

Have any of you guys read these books? What were your opinions?

June Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

Can you believe we’re now in July!? This year has flew in! I was going to post my June Wrap-up yesterday but unfortunately I was working.

June was pretty wasted month for me. I had planned to read at least 5 books but only managed to read 3 of the ones I chose.

These were Sabriel and Lirael, both by Garth Nix and Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


I got this book and Lirael a while ago and finally got round to reading them last month. I was extremely disappointed in this book. The story jumped right into the old magic and old kingdom and there was never a great explanation for the old magic and it’s powers. It just kind of started and from then I didn’t really understand anything. When it spoke about the charters and stuff I was lost because I was finding it hard to understand. I don’t know if I’m maybe just slow on picking things up or not but it made me really dislike the book and although I didn’t enjoy it, I had to finish it just to see what happened in the end.


This book was slightly better than the first book in the series. However, again there was never any explanation about the old magic etc and both Lirael and Sameth were irritating characters. They were extremely self-pitying and annoying. The only characters I actually liked were the Disreputable Dog and Mogget and of course both of them are animals. Again, I did finish the book because I felt I had to but it was such a waste.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

This book surprised me. I read it because I’ve seen pretty much everyone talk about it and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was slightly disappointed but I did enjoy it all the same. As I was reading it I got confused but afterwards I read more about the book and started to understand it more.

Although I spent most of the month reading 2 books I didn’t enjoy at all, I’m glad I finished by reading a book that was slightly more enjoyable! Now I’m looking forward to the books I’m reading this month and tomorrow I’ll post about the books on my July TBR List!