2016 Goals

2016 Goals

Hey guys! So as I said in my first post of the year, 2016 is a big year for me as it’s the year I turn 21 and I want it to be a really good, positive year. I have quite a lot of goals both bookish and personal. So I guess I’ll now make a list and share with you all my goals for 2016.


Personal Goals

  • Lose around 3 stone. This is a huge goal of mine as I know I need to be strong minded to do this and not give in to temptation. Especially when my mum brings in loads of sweets and crisps!
  • I want to start being more positive and think about myself more. I’m always helping other people and it starts to take it’s toll on my mental health so I plan on putting myself and my health first, rather than other people’s.
  • Save up all of my tips and at least £100 of my monthly wages. In 2017 I want to go to America with a company called Trek America and to do that I really need to be strict with my saving so I have enough money to do it! I’ve been saying since the middle of last year I want to do it so I need to be really strict with myself and stop spending money on things I don’t really need (meaning I need to stop buying books and gig tickets… so sad)
  • Try and volunteer at an animal centre or something when I’m free. I love animals and I got one of my cats from the SSPCA so would love to go back and volunteer at least once a week there. I feel like it would be a good experience and I would feel better for doing it.
  • Be more active on my blog. I want to post at least once a week whether it’s a bookish post or not. I also want my blog to look better but I know nothing about web design or graphics so I’ll need to try and find someone who can help! (Is there anyone out there that can help me along or do you guys know anyone???)
  • Pass my driving test. I’m so desperate to drive and even have my own wee car but I’ve yet to pass my test! Hopefully in the next couple of months I can tick this one off!
  • Go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.
  • Go to Camden in London.
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Spend less time on my phone.
  • Start getting back into playing Bass Guitar. My parents bought me a new one for Christmas and I really do miss playing so hopefully I can get that started again.


Bookish Goals

  • Start using the library again
  • Make a start on all the books I bought last year
  • Read a genre I wouldn’t normally read
  • Complete the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge (I set it to 60 this year)
  • Re-Read The Mortal Instruments series
  • Re-Read Tess Of The D’Urbervilles (one of my favourite classic novels)
  • Post more reviews
  • Have a more organised reading list each month


For now, that’s all the goals I have but if more come up then I shall update this list and then let you all know! Hopefully come December 31st, if not all then the majority of these will be crossed off!

What are your guys goals this year? If you’ve made a post feel free to send me the link so I can check it out!! 


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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016


I’m still not over the fact we’re now in 2016. Last year absolutely flew in! Although it was a year of mostly downs for me, it did have it’s good points. I got a new job that I absolutely love, I finally started blogging and it was another year of making amazing new friends! 2016 is the year I turn 21 and I plan on making it a good one! I’m going to try and be a lot more positive and do more things to make myself happy rather than other people. It’s also the last year I have before I start travelling so I need to actually start saving this year as I’m adamant I’m going to travel America in 2017.

Regarding my blog, this year I want to be much more active and post at least once a week rather than like once a month. When I first started blogging I posted a lot more regularly but as time went on I kind of became lazy with it so I’ll hopefully change that this year. When it comes to reading I plan on making more organised TBR lists so each month I’ll read at least 2 books I’ve bought personally and 2 ARCS I’ve received as well at the chosen book for UKYA In The Rain. Last year my reading was a mess because I got too overexcited over ARCS and accepted more than I could manage so I’ll need to really change that.

I wish you guys all the best for 2016 and hope it’s a good year for you. Thank you so much for following my wee blog, I really do appreciate it! I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for you all!

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