The Ride That Was 2017 & What I Hope For 2018

The Ride That Was 2017 & What I Hope For 2018

Hey guys! So I mentioned at the end of one of my recently posted reviews that I would update you guys on what’s been happening the past year or so and explain why I haven’t been active on my blog until now.

At the start of 2017 I posted a similar post and that was explaining about my dad leaving in 2016 and me having a mental breakdown and it was just a really bad time. I made the promise of blogging more but then that failed because 2017 really wasn’t a better year. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up having a mastectomy to remove her left breast and it was all really tough, constantly going to hospital appointments, taking another 3 months off work because of more stress and depression and then going back to work but struggling to feel better because it was just constant worry about my mum. With all of that going on last year, it was another difficult year for myself and if it wasn’t for my family, boyfriend and friends, I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it because things were just getting too much.

Fortunately on the 11th of this month, my mum had her final round of Chemotherapy and starts Radiotherapy for 3 weeks starting February 5th. Hopefully once she completes this we’ll get the news we’ve been waiting for and she’ll be cancer free. We really need some luck this year!

My hopes for 2018 are obviously for my mum to get the all clear, for us to finally get away from the stress of the house we are in just now and move in somewhere new, hopefully get a job I actually enjoy and of course read more and also get back into blogging regularly because I really have missed it and you guys!

I’m finally thinking positively for 2018 and hope that I’ll be able to achieve everything I want to this year. Just need to keep my mind focused and try and not go back into that slump and let my mind take over.

I hope everything with you guys is all good and well and I look forward to joining the blogging community again! I may even start doing more than bookish posts on this blog but we’ll see what happens! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Ride That Was 2017 & What I Hope For 2018

  1. Hey! I applaud you for putting yourself back out there again after the year you have had. It’s not easy, but I agree that I think it will help have a positive outlook. I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

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