Review: The Show – John A Heldt

Review: The Show – John A Heldt

Title: 27858685The Show

Author: John A. Heldt

Genre: History, Romance, Science Fiction, Time-Travel

Format: E-Book

Rating: 3/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

Buy Book: Amazon

Review: I was so excited to read this book after reading ‘The Mine’ and when John offered to send me a copy of the book I was so happy!

The Show’ follows on from where ‘The Mine’  left off and it’s Grace’s side of the story. This made me even happier because I was left with so many questions about what Grace did after Joel left and how it came about for her to make the decision to follow him to 2000. This book had all the answers and left me so happy to see how their relationship progressed over the years.

The Show’ was a lot quicker in the progress of their relationships and would jump a few months ahead at times which slightly annoyed me because I just wanted to know all about them as I became to love them both. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one because just as things were starting to go well for the couple, Grace all of a sudden ended up in 1918. Again we’re introduced to a wide range of new characters who I feel were all quite similar to the characters we met in ‘The Mine’. The one thing I disliked about this happening was her meeting someone else and then the wait to find if they were going to get together because I still had the hope she would return and be able to continue her life with Joel and their children. I did like how open the couple were with their families about time travel whether they believed them or not.

With this book I was left again with a few questions about time travel. There’s just so much I can’t grasp but it’s such an interesting thing to read about and reading these books has made me want to read more books about the subject!

Although I was slightly disappointed with this book, I did still enjoy it and I’m happy with what the outcome of the book was. If you enjoy anything with romance then I think this is a book you will enjoy as there’s a lot of it in the story!

Thank you again to John A Heldt for sending me copy of both books to read.

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