Review: Even Angels Fall – F.L Darbyshire

Review: Even Angels Fall – F.L Darbyshire


Title: Even Angels Fall

Author: F.L Darbyshire

Genre: New Adult

Format: Kindle

Themes covered: Loss, Family, Friendship, Love, Dangers of drugs

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

Buy Book: Amazon

Review: The first thing I have to say about this book is that it should maybe have come with a trigger warning for drugs as drug use is in the book every so often.

Following the death of Abbey’s twin, her family make the move to Leeds where she now has to start all over again. As her family starts to collapse from the grief of their loss, Abbey, meets new friends and starts to enjoy her life again. But will everything be as it seems or is the life they lead just a ticking time-bomb?

Even Angels Fall’ broke my heart in so many ways. As someone’s who’s watched family fall apart due to grief I found Abbey very relatable in that sense. As things were starting to look up for the group of friends, something would go wrong but you always had that hope that things would get better again and they could live a happy life. I found that all the characters in this book were really likeable however, there were parts where some of the characters did annoy me. For example, one of the things that annoyed me was when Abbey is at the hospital with her sister who is about to give birth and when their mum shows up, Abbey decides to leave because she still isn’t ready to face her yet. Like NOOOOO!!! situations like a new baby or something can completely calm a situation down and help make things better but she didn’t even give it a chance and yeah I just didn’t like that that happened. Lucy was my favourite character. She was just so bubbly and she was everything that Abbey needed to help her get through the huge loss she suffered. It broke my heart reading about her struggles later on in the book and seeing Abbey trying to comfort her too.

There’s not much I disliked about this book but at times there could’ve been another chapter or it could’ve been made clear that some parts were separate paragraphs because at certain points you’d be reading one thing and then it would skip ahead to something else and it would take a while to figure out what was happening. In saying that though, it could’ve just been the way it was laid out on the kindle edition.

I do highly recommend this book although bare in mind there is quite a bit of drug use throughout it! After reading this, I believe F.L Darbyshire can go very far in the writing world as she did a brilliant job of creating a story full of love, friendship, loss and family as well as creating loveable and relatable characters.

*I received a digital copy of this in exchange of an honest review.*

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