December TBR

December TBR



Hey guys! It’s finally that time of year again and I’m super excited! I adore this time of year because it’s just such a lovely time to reunite with all your family and spend time with each other. Unfortunately, this year I’m unable to spend much time with my family as I’m working right up until the 15th and then go back to work from the 18th right up until Christmas Day which makes me realise how horrible it is having to grow up and miss out on things. This also means I have less reading time as I’d like but I’m being ambitious and aiming to read 8 books as they’re all books I have to review and it’s pretty much the same books as last month as I didn’t do very well in November either.

I have just finished reading ‘Fooling Around With Cinderella‘ and the review and book blitz for that will be posted on Monday so keep an eye out for that!

My TBR list for December:

  • The Improbable Wonders Of Moojie Littleman – Robin Gregory
  • Black Creek – Gregory Lamberson 
  • The Mine – John A. Heldt 
  • Even Angels Fall – F L Darbyshire 
  • Down The Wormhole – Ana Franco 
  • Imminent Danger & How To Fly Straight Into It – Michelle Proulx
  • The Next Together – Lauren James

I’m hoping that I manage to get through at least half of these books this month so I can read a few of the books I’ve bought in the new year before getting back into reviewing again!

What are you guys planning on reading this month? Let me know in the comments below! 

I wish you all a lovely holiday season and hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones!

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