Demon Road – Review

Demon Road – Review

Title: Demon Road

Author: Derek Landy

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

Buy Book: Amazon

Review: The first line of this novel had me gripped straight away. “Twelve hours before Amber Lamont’s parents tried to kill her…” WELL NOW YOU HAVE ME CURIOUS AS TO WHY THEY WANT TO KILL HER SO OF COURSE I’M GOING TO READ ON!!

Usually with books that grasp your attention right from the start make me weary of them because they’re most likely to leave me disappointed however this novel is one of the few that has impressed me. Demon Road follows the story of sixteen year old Amber whose life is in grave danger. As the storyline goes on we meet the many varieties of monsters, villians and friends she encounters on her search for freedom.

Demon Road is a book that contains a little bit of everything. The humour in the novel made the book brilliant for me because it made the story more light-hearted at times and in my opinion I don’t think the book would’ve been as good if those humorous parts weren’t included in the final product. It also took you away from all the doom and gloom in Amber’s life too. There was a lot of action and bloody violence throughout the book and it just made you keep turning the page to find out what was next for each character in the story. I like the fact there was a lot of dialogue included too as it made you feel part of the story and like you were experiencing it along with the characters. One of my favourite things though is, THERE WAS LIKE NO ROMANCE!!!! I’m honestly starting to get fed up of authors having to include some sort of romance plot in their book. I know the majority of my favourite books all include a predictable love story but come one, is there any need for almost every YA novel to have one?

I loved the characters in this novel. Amber was a fantastic heroine and wasn’t your typical YA female. She’s awkward, self-conscious and not very good at making decisions and lets be honest, that’s more realistic to teenage girls in real life so she was a realistic character (minus the whole she’s also a demon thing but that’s not the point right now). When she had to be she became strong and independent even if it did take her a while but it’s admirable as she’s going through a lot more than any normal sixteen year old should. One of the touching things was that although she is a demon, she worried about killing people which showed the reader, her humanity is a lot stronger than her demonic side and she is able to resist the temptation.
Milo was another fantastic character. From the minute you meet him you’re unsure whether to trust him as he acts pretty strange and doesn’t really say much however, as he helps Amber on her journey we learn that he’s one of the good guys. He’s serious all the time and although he doesn’t talk much, he is a very protective father and helps Amber with every problem she faces even if he’s the one that gets hurt in the process. Also, he drives a pretty cool car which is all I’m going to say about that. (If you want to know what makes it cool, READ THE BOOK!)
Glen was probably my favourite character. From the minute you’re introduced to him you’re laughing because just like Amber, he’s awkward and doesn’t really have any friends but he’s funny even if he doesn’t mean to be. He’s so sweet and endearing that you can’t help but love him and you hope that good things will come his way.

This book was so much better than I thought it would be! I’ve been wanting to read Derek Landy’s work for a while now and I don’t think I could’ve started it off any better. I never wanted to put it down and got so upset when I had to leave for work because it meant having to wait another 7 hours before I could find out what would happen next!

If you’re interested in books that include vampires, witches and demons then this book is right up your street. I would highly recommend this book to anybody because it’s got a bit of something for everyone! I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review so I’d just like to them for giving me this opportunity. I’ve since went and bought a physical copy of the book so I can read it over and over again in the future!


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