Nostalgic Book Review Tag

Nostalgic Book Review Tag

Thank you very much to Deanna at A Novel Glimpse for tagging me in this. It looks like it’s going to be fun so I’m excited to take part!

Part 1: The Summary

First, (without looking it up) tell us a little bit about this book, and approximately when you read it. Write a summary (brief, long, anything you like!) of the book you are reviewing.


Okay, so I’m going to choose ‘Lord Loss’ by Darren Shan. My friend introduced me to this book when I was around 12/13 so that would’ve been back in 2007/08. It is book one of The Demonata series and they were just some of my favourite books when I was younger even if they were full of blood and gore!

The Plot

If I remember rightly, the story follows a young boy who has always been brought up around the game of chess. One day he comes home to find his parents have been murdered by a demon and then we are taken along on his hunt to find this demon and compete against him in a game of chess. It’s been years since I last read them so I may be slightly wrong in my description there!


It’s so bad but I can’t remember any of the characters names which makes me annoyed at myself because I really should know. I have a feeling the sister is called Amy but I’m most likely wrong! What I do remember is there are many different demons that we meet throughout the story which just adds to the horror for a child.

Part 2: My Thoughts

Share your thoughts on your chosen book. Reflect and talk about what you thought of the book back then.

Okay so I absolutely adored these books! Although I wasn’t a horror fan, I enjoyed reading these books so much, however, I did end up with nightmares each time I read it but for me, that made it a brilliant story! There was a lot of blood, guts and gore throughout the book too which made me feel slightly queasy but it is still a brilliant book and series. My book covers were glow in the dark too so I couldn’t sleep with the book in my room because the cover has one of the demons on the front and I would be terrified to sleep thinking it was watching me. Talking about this series has made me want to re-read the books and live my childhood all over again!

Part 3: The Epilogue

Here’s the fun part: now you can look up a summary of the book – find all those names that you couldn’t remember, those plot points that seemed pretty important – and all those things you might have forgotten. Don’t go back and edit the summary from the first part!

Plot outline taken from Darren Shan.

1331644Grubbs Grady is an average kid. A bit bigger and slyer than a lot of boys his age (he loves to play evil, ingenious tricks on his sister), but nothing special. He leads an ordinary life, and expects it will always be that way. But when his parents and sister behave strangely … and Grubbs decides to stick his nose in … his entire world is thrown into chaos. He discovers that demons are real, and that terrible things can happen right in front of your eyes.

As Grubbs slowly and painfully tries to deal with his new situation, help appears in the form of a friendly, eccentric relative. Grubbs moves to the countryside to recover, and starts putting his life back together. But there are secrets to be uncovered and hard truths to learn, and Grubbs is about to find out that as crazy and deadly as the world now seems, life is about to get a whole lot worse!!!

“Lord Loss” is the first book of “The Demonata”, a ten-book series which will take readers into new worlds and universes, all of them populated or threatened by demons. Fast-paced and bloody, horrific and fantastic, frightening and exciting. You might never look at the world in the same way again …

So you know like I thought the sister was called Amy? Yeah, I was completely and utterly wrong. Her name is Gret. I would love to know where I got Amy from because I was nowhere near close! I am so desperate to re-read this series again! Darren Shan’s books always will be some of my favourites as it’s the books I read throughout my first few years of High School. I highly recommend this book to you if you’re into horror/blood/guts etc.

Thank you again to Deanna for tagging me! I really loved doing this. Now I tag;

Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser

Syc @ The Lit Mermaid

Skylee @ The Night Girl

And anyone else who wants to take part!


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