Meeting Jennifer E. Smith, Jenny Han & Morgan Matson

Meeting Jennifer E. Smith, Jenny Han & Morgan Matson

This post is looooong overdue but here we go anyway. So on September 9th, my local Waterstones held a signing event for Jennifer E. Smith, Jenny Han and Morgan Matson. As soon as I found out I reserved my place as I was desperate to go and meet Jennifer again plus I had just recently bought Jenny’s books. I arrived over an hour early just so I could chill and look at the books I wanted but couldn’t afford and I also had to buy Morgan Matson’s books which I had been planning on buying for a while so this was the perfect opportunity! The last event I went to was Jennifer E. Smith and David Levithan and at that one they both read parts of their books and spoke about them. This one was slightly different and much more informal and laid back. Each of the authors just sat talking about all their books and the inspirations behind them and then they took some questions (they answered mine which made me super happy!!!). The signing itself was completely informal. Usually there’s a table and everyone has to queue up and wait but with this one everyone just went up whenever and each author took their time talking to every single person as they signed their books. I had a lovely chat with Morgan Matson about our love for all books and it was great hearing that we both have the same problem of finding it hard to either throw books out or give them away haha!

I’m so glad I got the opportunity to see and speak to these authors. It was just such a lovely experience and I’m glad they took time out of their schedules to interact with their fans and talk about their books. Below is my post from instagram about meeting them.

So tonight I went to see the lovely @missjennyhan @jenniferesmith and @morgamat in Waterstones and it was so lovely just to hear them talk so casually. It was so informal and everyone was just so relaxed listening to them. They also answered my questions which made me happy and afterwards signed all my books and carried on talking to each of us. I had such a fab conversation with Morgan about our love of books too :') if these authors come to a bookstore near you then I highly recommend you go along because you will enjoy it so much! These are the books I got signed by them today! #jenniferesmith #jennyhan #morganmatson #authors #booksigning #waterstones #glasgow #books #bookish #bibliophile #bookworm #bookthing #booklover

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