Soulmates Review

Soulmates Review

25208847Title: Soulmates

Author: Nicole Dykes

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Rating: 3/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

Buy book: Amazon

Review: I was given a copy of this book from the author herself in exchange of an honest review.

This book is Dykes’ first novel and the story is pretty good considering. However, the language in the novel is pretty simplistic and for the majority of the book it was very monotone. As well as this, the story felt rushed. It takes you from when they’re 6 years old, right up until they’re 22. The novel is only about 140 pages so when describing some events in the story it either felt pointless being there and was just a filler or it was interesting but then just left you wondering. There was a lot of Thanksgivings and Christmas’ throughout the book, obviously because it was going through the years but it was usually always the same thing they did so it got pretty repetitive and sometimes was slightly confusing. There were a few points I felt were pretty rushed but I still enjoyed the story.

As for the characters, they could get extremely annoying. Madison (Maddy) started off fine but she would always lecture her friends on their wrong doings and then halfway through the book became just as bad as them. Jake again started off a good character and then started picking on Maddy, leading to a huge fallout between them which lasted a few years. Michelle was probably the strongest character and the one I liked the most. Then there was Chris who is a minor character and again it made me sad that he didn’t have a big part because the scenes he’s in makes me want more! These are just a few of the characters that stood out for me. The majority of them were all pretty immature too and would fight over petty things even as they got older which bothered me because they’re supposed to be 16/17 but they still acted like kids.

As for a Young Adult novel, I felt there were too many mature scenes that sort of ruined the romance I was hoping for in the book. I also feel that it shouldn’t be read by anyone under the age of at least 17 because it does go into a bit of detail during the mature scenes.

Apart from this I did enjoy the story. I’m looking forward to reading the next book as it’s from Jake’s point of view and I’m hoping this will make me understand why he would pick on Maddy after being friends for so long because after ‘Soulmates’ I ended up hating him for being so mean. I recommend this to people who enjoy a bit of romance but again probably better for those over the age of 17.

I would just like to thank Nicole Dykes for sending me a copy of the series and wish her all the best in the future!


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