Book Fair

Book Fair

                                                      Happy Sunday guys! So a few days ago I found out that in the west end of Glasgow there is a book fair every month and this weekend was when it took place. I dragged my family into town with me just so I could go and see what there was after promising I wouldn’t buy anything. It was in a small room at the back of the Botanic Gardens and although it looked tiny there were so many books and they were all so cheap! I could’ve stayed forever but I also wanted to go to one of the old record stores too. Although I said I wouldn’t buy anything I ended up seeing The Hunger Games Series and I just had to get them as I’ve been wanting to read them again for a while and then I seen Dance Of Shadows and fell in love with the cover so I just had to buy that. The final book I bought was I’ll Give You The Sun. This is one of the books I wanted to buy the other day in Waterstones but it was only £3.75 today! Who would turn that down? All the other books were only £2.50 which is a complete bargain! Yeah, they’re second-hand but they all looked brand new. I’m so happy I went today and I can’t wait until it’s back! The next time I’ll be able to go is in August as I go on holiday the weekend it’s here next month. If you live in Glasgow or near Glasgow then I recommend you go because they have just about every genre and there was also loads of special edition classics too! Here is a picture of the dates it comes back the rest of the year:

Or you can check out the website here.

Have you guys got any book fairs near you? If so comment below and let other people know about them!

                                                                (taken from instagram @kirstyreads)

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