Fangirl Review

Fangirl Review

Title: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Genre: Young Adult

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

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Review: Okay so first off I absolutely LOVED this book! Not enough to give it a 5/5 rating but I loved it all the same! The characters were great, the storyline was fab and I could relate to Cath in a number of ways which for me, made it an even more enjoyable read. As sisters and twins Cath and Wren always had such a strong bond. Until they went to college. I really disliked how Wren just dropped Cath, as if that bond never existed. I get that as they get older they had to start discovering new things and new people but that doesn’t mean cutting off your sister all the time. For this reason and a few more, Wren was my least favourite character.

Now we move on to Levi. Levi was sweet, charming and genuine and he was the first person Cath was introduced to when she arrived at college. He was always there for her when she needed someone and she knew she could always rely on him. It was obvious from the start that he had feelings for Cath and I’m glad the story went the way it did.

Nick was a character I didn’t really see the point of. Yeah, I get that he was a writing partner for Cath and someone she could talk to in fiction-writing but apart from that he was just there. It angered me as well when he wanted to use the story both he AND Cath had written together for a class project and I didn’t find it very fair that he tried to take most of the credit for it.

Cath. There’s so much I can say about this character. I absolutely ADORED her! I could relate to her in so many ways and it made me love her and the book even more. She liked her own company, spending hours in front of her laptop writing fan-fiction about Simon and Baz from her favourite book the ‘Simon Snow Series.’ This is Rowell’s fictional version of our Harry Potter series. The more I read about ‘Simon Snow’  the more I wished it was real. Cath had a deep love for this series and you could see how passionate she was about it through Rowell’s writing. It was made clear through the book that Cath had anxiety, a lot of the time it got extremely well but thanks to her having a good support around her she managed to fight against it and got better at doing things such as socialising and meeting more new people. I think Cath is probably one of my favourite characters ever as I seen a lot of myself in her and it helped me in the same way it helped Cath throughout the story.

There was little I disliked about this book but one thing that annoyed me was for a brief moment we were introduced to a character who read Cath’s fan-fiction online and loved it but as soon as she appeared she disappeared straight away and we never seen her make another appearance in the book which disappointed me as I wanted to see a friendship appear between this girl and Cath. Another thing was the ending. I don’t really know how to explain it but it just ended. I had expected more from the ending but it just didn’t satisfy me so I’m hoping for more about Cath, Levi and their friends.

Although this novel is called ‘Fangirl’ it doesn’t focus on the fandom and fangirling and has many different themes with love, friendship and family being the main ones. Rainbow Rowell did an excellent job of creating such loveable characters and a fantastic and funny coming-of age story. If you’re looking for a story with a bit of romance and humour then I highly recommend this book. You will not regret reading this book, I promise.

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