Title: Forbidden

Author: Syrie James & Ryan M. James

Genre: Teen Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Goodreads

Review: This book is your typical teen high school supernatural story (similar to Twilight) and it is pretty predictable but I still absolutely loved this book! I loved that Syrie didn’t tell us straight away what Alec or Claire were which made it more exciting! I also loved how much Claire’s friends looked out for her, like friends should! They were funny, caring and everything you’d hope for in a friend.

Alec was a great character. The only thing that disappointed me about Syrie’s writing here was that because he is Scottish he was always saying ‘aye’ which eventually got rather annoying as it’s not a thing us Scottish people say all the time.

Claire is something forbidden but as I’ve said before we don’t find out what this something is until later on in the book. She finds herself trapped in a love triangle (again, similar to Twilight) but doesn’t pay much attention to it. It’s not until a certain point when Claire starts to notice that she’s different but she can’t do anything about it and it worries her. When we find out what she is the whole story gets even more exciting as you begin to wonder what’s in-store for Claire in the future.

With the way this book ended I’m hoping there’s a sequel planned because I’d love to see what else happens in Claire and Alec’s story.


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